Securing CMMC Certification: A Guide for Defense Contractors on Achieving Compliance

At On Call Compliance Solutions, we understand the crucial role of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) in fortifying the defense industry's supply chain security. As a contractor in this sector, aligning with CMMC standards is fundamental not only to your operational integrity but also to your capacity to contribute to national defense projects. This article provides a roadmap for navigating the CMMC certification process, ensuring that your business aligns with the security expectations of DoD contracts.

Decoding the CMMC

1 25 CMMC Decoding

CMMC stands as a comprehensive cybersecurity framework employed across the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). It amalgamates various cybersecurity standards into a tiered model, ranging from basic to advanced cyber hygiene practices. For defense contractors, CMMC compliance has transitioned from a best practice to an absolute necessity.

Journey to CMMC Compliance

Step 1: Understanding CMMC Levels

CMMC's five-tier model intensifies in sophistication and security requirements. Determine your requisite level based on the nature of information you manage – be it Federal Contract Information (FCI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). This differentiation is pivotal in establishing your specific cybersecurity obligations.

Step 2: Evaluating Your Cybersecurity Status

Begin with a comprehensive internal review against the CMMC’s practices for your target level. This assessment helps identify discrepancies between your current cybersecurity posture and CMMC prerequisites. Utilizing assessment tools from the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) can be instrumental during this phase.

Step 3: Developing a Remediation Strategy

After pinpointing your cybersecurity gaps, devise a detailed Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM). This plan should itemize actionable steps and realistic timelines to bridge these gaps.

Step 4: Implementing Necessary Security Controls

1 25 CMMC Implementing

Embark on fulfilling your POAM, integrating essential security controls and processes. This implementation may necessitate comprehensive IT and process modifications and foster a culture that prioritizes cybersecurity across your organization.

Step 5: Conducting Staff Training

Cybersecurity effectiveness hinges significantly on human factors. Regularly train your workforce on cybersecurity relevance, specific CMMC requirements, and their individual roles in upholding these standards.

Step 6: Pre-Assessment Evaluation

Before the formal CMMC evaluation, consider a preliminary assessment by a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization (RPO). This pre-assessment gauges your readiness and highlights any remaining areas for improvement.

Step 7: Official CMMC Assessment

Proceed to the formal CMMC evaluation conducted by a Certified Third Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO). This assessment verifies your adherence to CMMC standards through comprehensive reviews and testing.

Step 8: Addressing Any Shortcomings

1 25 CMMC Shortcomings

Should the assessment reveal deficiencies, address them promptly as per the C3PAO's guidance. This step is crucial to meet the certification criteria.

Step 9: Obtaining Your Certification

Upon successful assessment, your CMMC certification, valid for three years, symbolizes your commitment to cybersecurity and eligibility for DoD contracts.

Step 10: Sustaining Compliance

Remember, CMMC compliance is an ongoing commitment. Stay vigilant and adapt to evolving cyber threats and CMMC updates.


Securing CMMC certification is a significant endeavor that underscores your dedication to national security. This certification not only enhances your business's security profile but also establishes you as a trusted entity in the defense supply chain. Embrace this path with the understanding that cybersecurity is a critical element of national defense and an ongoing responsibility.

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