The Importance of Restricting User-Installed Software

At On Call Compliance, our unwavering commitment is to keep you informed about the latest compliance standards while guiding you through the intricate landscape of cybersecurity. In this edition of our newsletter, we aim to illuminate a pivotal facet of CMMC 2.0 Control CM L2-3.4.9 – the management and oversight of user-installed software and why it holds paramount importance in your organization's compliance strategy.

Significance of Controlling and Monitoring User-Installed Software (CMMC 2.0 Control CM L2-3.4.9)

Allowing users to install software independently can expose your organization to substantial security risks when not properly managed or monitored. Unauthorized applications can introduce vulnerabilities into your systems, potentially resulting in data breaches and non-compliance with regulatory standards. CMMC 2.0 Control CM L2-3.4.9 has been meticulously crafted to tackle these risks by instituting procedures to:

  • Identify and meticulously track user-installed software.
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of the security risks linked with such software.
  • Establish controls to mitigate these risks effectively.
  • Continuously oversee and monitor any unauthorized installations or activities.

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To provide you with an in-depth comprehension of CMMC 2.0 Control CM L2-3.4.9, we have thoughtfully created an extensive video lesson available on our YouTube channel. This video imparts invaluable insights, practical tips, and best practices for proficiently governing and supervising user-installed software. Click the link below to access the video right away:

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