ThreatLocker: The Cybersecurity Gold Standard

In today's digital era, the specter of cyber threats looms larger than ever before. At On Call, we recognize the critical importance of outmaneuvering hackers, which is why we're thrilled to unveil our newest addition to the array of cybersecurity tools: ThreatLocker.

Empowering Your Defense

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ThreatLocker transcends the realm of traditional antivirus programs. It stands as a robust enterprise security solution engineered to halt cyber assaults dead in their tracks. How? By implementing a distinctive strategy: permitting only known reputable programs to operate on your system while halting all others until expressly approved. This proactive stance sets it apart from conventional antivirus software, which often reacts to malicious activities only after they've commenced.

Understanding ThreatLocker's Key Features

Let's delve into the core features that render ThreatLocker an indispensable asset in your cybersecurity arsenal:

  • Allowlisting: With ThreatLocker, you wield the authority to greenlight only authorized software, effectively thwarting ransomware, viruses, and other unwelcome programs from executing.
  • Ringfencing: Curtail interactions between applications to prevent the weaponization and exploitation of trusted applications, a favored tactic employed in cyber attacks.
  • Network Control: Employ a host-based firewall that dynamically regulates the opening and closing of ports as required, thus thwarting rogue devices from gaining unauthorized access to your network.

Embracing Zero Trust Principles

At On Call, we espouse the adoption of a Zero Trust cybersecurity approach, grounded in the notion that every system component may potentially be compromised. ThreatLocker's Allowlisting feature seamlessly aligns with this philosophy, leveraging:

  • Learning Mode: Devote time to understanding your system's typical processes, files, and components before establishing a baseline of normal behavior.
  • Dynamic Detection: Automatically update Allowlisting signatures directly from software publishers, ensuring the detection of even the most sophisticated impersonations of trusted software.
  • Ad-hoc Allowances: Streamline the process of loading new software by facilitating direct notification to our team for review and scanning, thereby eliminating unnecessary delays.

Protecting Your Assets, Now and Into the Future

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We're steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding your IT systems and data. That's why we're poised to deploy ThreatLocker across all workstations and servers under our management. This cost-effective solution is fully managed and furnishes the protection requisite against both known and unknown threats.

Experience ThreatLocker Today

To facilitate your acquaintance with ThreatLocker's efficacy, we extend a special offer: a complimentary trial for the initial month of service. This affords you the opportunity to witness its benefits firsthand. Should you wish to glean further insights or accelerate the deployment of ThreatLocker within your organization, please don't hesitate to reach out.


At On Call, your security is our paramount concern. ThreatLocker stands as the epitome of excellence in the cybersecurity domain, and On Call is unwaveringly dedicated to matching your concerns with effective solutions to safeguard your interests. Together, let's fortify your cyber defenses and outpace potential threats.

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