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As a part of your compliance journey you will inevitably come to the point where you must consider how you will store, process, or transmit CUI and potentially other forms of sensitive information such as ITAR, EAR, and more. While not every company has a need for the solutions within Azure Government, many in the defense industry find Microsoft solutions to be the easiest to implement because users are already familiar with and know how to use them. The challenge is that Azure Government is much more complex and challenging to license, setup, migrate to, and administrate due to it's unique security capabilities. On Call takes the challenge out of making the move and getting compliant with it's suite of Azure Government full service setup, migration, and management solutions.

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FREE GUIDE: How to become compliant with DoD information security laws and prepare for CMMC Certification. In this free guide we teach you the exact first steps we take when preparing to help our clients become more secure and get compliant. 

Simplify Compliance with an azure virtual machine enclave

for many companies it may be easier and more cost effective to just “put it in the bubble!”

For many companies it may be more cost effective to create a secure isolated “bubble” or enclave environment to store, process, and handle CUI. A fantastic way of doing this is to utilize Azure Government Virtual Machines which have been approved by the DoD's CIO as a compliant way to work with CUI, ITAR, EAR, and other sensitive information types, even if the computers at your home or office do not meet compliance requirements. Imagine being able to work from any device, including non-compliant devices anywhere in the world and access a secure and compliant virtual windows desktop to do your work from. Work just like you are in front of any normal computer but meet all compliance and security requirements with ease. Best of all, there is no hardware to replace or manage and the solution scales only as you utilize resources. Ready to learn more? Give us a call or fill out the form below and we'll connect you with a certified compliance expert and our Azure Government team to help you build the perfect cost effective enclave for your company.

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