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What Is nist sp 800-171?

120+ technical pages, 110 controls to comply with, the need to understand and control how information flows from the ceo to the janitor, and if you are doing business with the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE it's the law that you must comply and you're going to have to prove it just to stay in business with the cmmc.

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NIST SP 800-171 was created to protect you. It was created to protect our country. It was created because cyber security and information protection is not intuitive. It is not a one size fits all widget. The government understands that the businesses it relies on need a deeper understanding of what is possible and how modern day cyber warfare and cyber espionage happens. You need to know that this is real. A breach can instantly jeopardize or destroy a business in seconds and endanger the security of our country. That is why it is law to comply.

We view this compliance standard is a good thing. We at On Call Compliance Solutions have embraced it and implementing these controls with our clients have helped them to stay safe, gain competitive advantage in the marketplace and accomplish the mission of protecting the United States Defense Industrial Base – those who do business with and supply the United States Department of Defense. Most importantly, our clients literally sleep better at night with us on their team.

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No matter what size organization you are the first step towards compliance is understanding where you are now and what the exact steps are you must take to get compliant. On Call Compliance Solutions has pioneered a one of a kind 1-2 day NIST SP 800-171 Compliance GAP Analysis program that allows virtually any size organization to work with our experts and establish a 30 day step by step path to compliance within 1-2 working days. We bring the experience, expertise, tools, solution and vendor knowledge, and the can do attitude you need to accomplish 6-18 months of work becoming compliant into 1-2 days.  Best of all, we provide support after the analysis to ensure your success and be there to make sure you accomplish the mission of becoming compliant.

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As important as it is to understand and achieve compliance it is equally important for your organization to partner with a well established company who will be there to help later, especially if you plan to achieve CMMC Certification.

Getting compliant is just the start. Ongoing compliance review and assessment are all things you need to plan on. Most importantly, should your organization experience a cyber incident or breach it is critical to have a plan already in place and a partner you can count on. On Call Compliance Solutions is that partner. We have been a Trusted IT and Business Adviser to hundreds of businesses nationwide for over 17+ years.

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FREE GUIDE: How to become compliant with DoD information security laws and prepare for CMMC Certification. In this free guide we teach you the exact first steps we take when preparing to help our clients become more secure and get compliant. 

With Our Comprehensive Compliance GAP Analysis You Get

  • A Team Of Trusted Advisers With Over 17+ Years Of Compliance, Cyber Security, IT, and Business Process Design Experience
  • Creation Of A Complete System Security Plan (SSP) Created Just For You (Not A Template Using Automated Software)
  • A Plan Of Action with Milestones (POAM) With An Understanding Of How To Execute It To Get Compliant
  • Experts With Working Relationships With The People Who Created These Compliance Standards. No Guess Work, We Know Exactly Who To Go To In The Government For Fast Answers And Clarification. Don't Trust Internet Forums And Blogs When It Comes To Cyber Security And Critical Decision Making. There Is A Lot Of Misinformation On The Internet About This Standard.
  • A Team Of Experts Dedicated To You Who Can Quickly Learn Your Business And Create A Realistic Solution You Can Afford And Implement Quickly To Become Compliant FAST
  • Complete Network and System Documentation, A Cyber Security Risk Analysis And Recommendations On How To Reduce Cyber Security Risk (FREE BONUS For First Time Clients)
  •  30 Days Of Follow Up Support From Your Consulting Team To Make Sure You Are Successful
  • A Company Capable Of Delivering Everything You Need From Consulting To Fully Managed “Done For You” Solutions.

Backed by an award-winning cyber security and IT management team, On Call Compliance Solutions is the #1 source for NIST SP 800-171 Compliance and CMMC consulting. Give us a call now to schedule a free phone call with one of our compliance experts to see how
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