Ensuring Equipment Is Free of CUI Before Leaving the Premises

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here at On Call, we take pride in being your trusted resource for navigating the complexities of compliance. Today, let’s shine a spotlight on Control MA-L2-3.7.3, a real game-changer in the world of cybersecurity. 🛡️ Why Should You Pay Attention to Control MA-L2-3.7.3? Control MA-L2-3.7.3 focuses on ensuring that equipment, when taken off-site for maintenance, […]

Essential CMMC 2.0 Requirements Every Manufacturing Company Must Embrace

Reading Time: 10 minutes Cybersecurity – Protecting the Citadel of Digital Assets In the digital age, cybersecurity is the impenetrable fortress that safeguards an organization’s invaluable digital assets from malevolent attacks. Much like the mighty castle walls, moats, and vigilant sentinels that protect a kingdom, cybersecurity measures serve as the modern shield that guards sensitive data from the clutches […]

Consistently Confirm and Validate User Identity

Reading Time: 2 minutes At On Call, we’re dedicated to keeping you abreast of the newest compliance regulations while aiding you through the intricate maze of cybersecurity. In our most recent newsletter, we’re focusing on an essential element of CMMC 2.0 – Control IA.L2-3.5.2, designed for Authentication and Verification of Access 🚀. The Importance of Control IA.L2-3.5.2 This particular […]

Ensuring Data Security in Your Supply Chain

Reading Time: 4 minutes As a supply chain professional, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. With the growing frequency and cost of data breaches, the protection of your company’s valuable assets has never been more critical. From customer data to intellectual property, your supply chain is a treasure trove of confidential information that must be shielded at all costs. In […]

The Importance of Restricting User-Installed Software

Reading Time: 2 minutes At On Call Compliance, our unwavering commitment is to keep you informed about the latest compliance standards while guiding you through the intricate landscape of cybersecurity. In this edition of our newsletter, we aim to illuminate a pivotal facet of CMMC 2.0 Control CM L2-3.4.9 – the management and oversight of user-installed software and why […]